There are two different meanings of 'universe', represented by:
  1: ”The universe”, with a small 'U'
 2: ”the Universe”, with a capital 'U'

     The word ‘universe’ (with a small letter ‘u’) represents all physical things - trees, animals, humans, the stars, galaxies, etc.
 - and only physical things.
     The Universe (capital ‘U’) includes all those physical things, but also includes all non-physical things, some undiscovered and unknown. The ‘Universe’ is everything that there is.
     (One large difference between the physical, material universe, and the non-physical, non-material part of the Universe, is that the physical, by its nature, is, alas, prone to decay and perish, while the non-material is not).

The Big Bang - Formation of the universe
     Around 14 or 15 billion years ago, a large amount of non-physical/non-material energy (of a type still unknown to science, but nevertheless part of the ‘large U’ Universe) somehow converted in an instant to electromagnetic energy and matter (The Big Bang), beginning its expansion in all directions. This was the beginning of the physical universe.
     Going from non-physical energy to physical energy, and matter, may have been a small jump, but it was a most significant one.

Hallmark of the Universe – The Essential spirit of the Universe
     Every minute particle of the universe thus formed contained (and still contains) a trace of its eternal, non-physical origin. In the same way as your DNA is present in every cell of your body, so this trace, the Essential spirit of the Universe, is present in every particle, every tiny quantum iota of the physical universe.
     The Essential spirit of the Universe existed before the physical universe came into existence, and will still exist after the physical universe has ceased to exist.

The nature of change
     The purpose of the Essential spirit of the Universe is reflected in each new moment of the physical universe. The new moment is simply the old one with some alterations. In the new moment some things have changed from the way they were in the old, previous moment. The previous moment, however, no longer exists. There is only one moment, which alters, becoming new. There is no time. There is only the changing moment. Things exist only in the one moment. There is nothing outside the moment. The Universe exists only in the moment, the changing moment. It is always ‘Now’.

The Laws of Physics.
     The physical universe can only change as the Laws of Physics allow, or demand. As comprehensive as science is, we do not fully understand the Laws of Physics, especially at the quantum level. The quantum level is where the basic particles of matter and energy, upon which everything is founded, interact and cause what we know as reality.
     The behaviour of quantum particles and energies is said to be indeterminate, in that they are unpredictable and do not follow rules. Under similar circumstances, they may do one thing one time, a different thing another time, and nothing at all the next time.

How the moment progresses.
     It is true to say that the specific configurations, interactions and events at the quantum level do have an immediate cause. The cause consists of the earlier state (the preceding configurations), coupled with the factor(s) that ended the indeterminacy of those quantum configurations bringing about the one new physical reality, from the many, many possibilities. One of those factors, the overriding factor, is the Essential spirit of the Universe, which would intend to influence every quantum event to result in the most favourable combined result, according to its purpose. Its purpose perhaps being to seek the best possible situation for the physical universe and its myriad components. Why? Because it is the nature of the Essential spirit of the Universe to do so.

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