Thank you to my ancestors,
Every single one,
Who went before and lived their lives,
Until their day was done.

Thank you Jeffrey, thank you John,
For living in your time,
Thank you Mary, thank you Maud,
For giving me what's mine.

Some were English, some were Scots,
Some spoke Irish, some did not,
Some lived in Yorkshire, some in Wales,
In London Towne before the nailes.

Some were Breton, some were Basque,
Some rode camels, some wore masks,
Some were slaves and some were masters,
Some were pure and some were bastards.

In many-multi-mother tongues,
They sang of love and other songs,
They told of hunts, and battles won,
They told of moon, they spoke of sun.

In Hindu verse they spoke of birth,
And life and death, and of the Earth,
They carved their words into the clay,
In language lost to us today.

Thank you Ra and you, Rebecca,
Thank you Congo, thank you Mecca,
Thank you Tigris, Athens, Rome,
Everywhere our kin call home.

We traded silk, we traded spices,
From caravans in cool oases,
Ivory, for jade and china,
Our horses crossing Asia Minor.

Hordes of rivals, bloodied swords,
Stealing all they find abroad,
Our kin survived, all quite unbowed,
Our kin survived, they did us proud.

We did our share of breaking heads,
Of those who tried to see us dead,
It's kind of harsh, but that's the way,
We lived to breathe another day.

The seven seas, the many lands,
The roads that meet, the joining hands,
The working hard, the living well,
The living now, this tale to tell.

The ancestors who lived here first,
Gave you the chance to read this verse,
And everything you've ever done,
So give a thanks to every one.